Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Prescription Glasses?

Are you currently wearing prescription glasses simply because you believe that you have no other choice? You may just be surprised to find out what your vision correction options are. At Sanger Contact Lens Centre in Oakville, we often work with patients who have adjusted their activity levels and lifestyle around wearing prescription glasses because they’ve been told there is no other alternative. However, at Sanger Contact Lens Centre we have earned our reputation helping fit clients for even the toughest types of contact lenses to ensure that they always have an option when partnering with us for their vision needs.

Contact Lenses or Prescription Glasses

Not sure if you’re ready to bid your prescription glasses farewell?  Knowing a few of the significant advantages of contact lenses can help make the choice easy. First and foremost, opting for contact lenses means that you’ll instantly be able to be as active as you want to be. Sports, water events and other activities can sometimes prove challenging when wearing prescription glasses. Contact lenses broaden the scope of activities you can do.

Additionally, unlike prescription glasses, contacts actually change shape to fit with your eye’s curvature. This form-fitting feature delivers a slew of vision benefits. You’ll enjoy a broader field of view and even experience fewer distortions when compared to eyeglasses.

There are some cosmetic benefits associated with contact lenses as well. Having only eyeglasses means that there can be an occasion where your frames clash with your outfit, something you’ll never need to worry about with contact lenses. Additionally, various brands of lenses allow users to experiment with different eye colours for a fun new look.

Best of all, various lenses can actually correct your vision throughout the night while you sleep. If you suffer from myopia we may be able to fit you for overnight contacts that offer temporary correction (without using glasses!) throughout the next day.

Want to hear more about our selection of superior lens options? Contact Sanger Contact Lens Centre via our online form today and connect with one of our trained vision experts.