Prescription Sunglasses In Oakville: More Than Just A Summertime Accessory

At Sanger Contact Lens Centre, our clients love our comprehensive range of prescription glasses and contact lenses that we customise to their specific vision needs. However, many of our clients don’t realise that we also offer an extensive line of designer and brand name prescription sunglasses in Oakville as well. To us, our top quality prescription sunglasses in Oakville aren’t just a summertime-only accessory. Our team of experienced eye experts firmly believe that a pair of prescription sunglasses is a must-have vision resource all year round.

Why You Need Prescription Sunglasses In Oakville Throughout The Year

Not convinced that you’ll need prescription sunglasses in Oakville on a 12-month basis? You just may be surprised to learn the many benefits that this accessory can deliver. It’s important to remember that life in Oakville does not only mean sunshine in the summer months. We enjoy beautiful sunny days throughout all of the seasons, making prescription sunglasses in Oakville a must. Having a pair from Sanger Contact Lens Centre at the ready can deliver a wide range of results that include:

Safer, more comfortable driving conditions: Being safe and comfortable behind the wheel is important; our prescription sunglasses will minimise squinting and glare from the sun so you can stay focused on the road ahead.

UV Protection: Even when it’s cloudy, UV eye protection proves as essential as wearing quality sunscreen. Our premium inventory selection means that you’ll not only enjoy the same prescription used in your glasses and/or contact lenses, you’ll also have year round UV protection for your eyes.

Alternative to contacts: Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to wear prescription contacts, particularly when participating in various outdoor activities. Opting for our sunglasses means that you can eliminate your contacts for the day and simply wear this prescription accessory instead.

Touting so many important benefits, it’s easy to see why clients at Sanger Contact Lens Centre complement their prescription needs with a pair of our designer sunglasses. Ready to experience the Sanger difference for yourself? Call Sanger Contact Lens Centre today to discuss your needs, or to schedule a vision exam with one of our specialists.