Not Just For Kids: Why A Thorough Eye Exam In Oakville Is Important At Any Age

Here at Sanger Contact Lens Centre, we work with the parents of children of all ages to schedule an eye exam in Oakville, to proactively gauge and maintain the visual health of their little ones. From standard annual exams, to advanced screenings required to address any potential vision problems, we partner with the parents to guarantee that their children get the care and attention needed for a long-term visual health.

While the parents make their child’s eye exam in Oakville a top priority, we sometimes notice that they don’t realise they should have routine vision exams part of their own personal healthcare regime. Many adults assume that scheduling an eye exam in Oakville is only required when a vision problem presents itself. However, this is simply not the case. At Sanger Contact Lens Centre, we know firsthand the importance of scheduling an annual eye exam in Oakville as an adult. No matter what your current age, or your existing physical health, routine vision examinations can play a crucial role in your holistic wellness regime.

Why Vision Screening Doesn’t Compare To An Eye Exam In Oakville

One common reason why adults may neglect to schedule their eye exam in Oakville is that they believe a recent vision screening satisfies any eye health concerns that they may have. While a vision screening does offer various benefits, it’s important to note that they do not compare to having a thorough eye exam in Oakville. Vision screenings are often static tests designed to answer just one specific question (i.e., can a person see well enough to drive?) These screenings can be conducted by individuals serving in various capacities; health care providers, volunteers, school nurses and doctors may all have received the limited training needed to adequately conduct a screening.

Yes, identifying an issue during a vision screening can prompt adults to schedule a follow up examination for further probing. However, passing a screening in no way takes the place of a thorough exam. Oftentimes, key vision concerns can be missed due to lack of training, or because the person conducting the test is only looking to check off a particular list of objectives. Rather than identifying one simple goal, an eye exam in Oakville delves much deeper into the overall visual health of an individual. At Sanger Contact Lens Centre, we offer our clients comprehensive visual examination conducted by our skilled and experienced optometrist.

After Your Examination: Post-Exam Treatment Plans and Follow Up

Often a failed vision screening does not prompt a specific treatment approach, it simply signifies the need for a more in-depth examination. However, problems that present themselves during an eye exam in Oakville can help the optometrist zero in on specific concerns. From there, a detailed post-exam treatment plan can be put together to help sustain the client’s visual integrity.

Don’t waste another moment wondering about your eye health; contact Sanger Contact Lens Centre today to schedule your eye exam in Oakville.