Gas Permeable Contact Lens Cleaning

The Sanger Contact Lens Centre does in-house cleaning and polishing of all types of gas-permeable lenses.  Cleaning and polishing will often extend the life of gas-permeable lenses, as well as return comfort and vision. In some cases, however, a lens is beyond rejuvenation, and must be replaced.
Because we have a contact lens manufacturing laboratory on our premises, we can provide accurate real cleaning of your soft lenses or gas permeable lenses. This gives you an inexpensive way to have fresh, clean feeling lenses. While we cannot guarantee complete cleaning, we will be able to advise you once we have examined your lenses.

Just one more reason to deal with us.


  • Makes your lenses feel new
  • Increases the oxygen supply to your cornea
  • Offers you excellent comfort and vision
  • Please feel free to come by our office and discuss this with us further. If your lenses cannot be cleaned completely, we will recommend new lenses and offer you a special price.