Quality Prescription Glasses In Oakville, Ontario

Shopping for sunglasses or prescription glasses in Oakville, Ontario? At Sanger Contact Lens Centre, you will find the right combination of lens types and quality frames to meet your eyewear needs, even if you have a complex prescription.

Prescription Glasses Oakville Ontario

Find Your Frame Style From Designers You Love

Sanger Contact Lens Centre carries only the most durable, well-made frames from top manufacturers and designers. Whether you want a style for every day that is comfortable, yet complementary, to your hair color and skin tone or want something from our fashion collection, we’ll have you looking your best. Not sure what you want? We’ll spend the time with you to help you decide.

You’ll Need Sunglasses In Oakville

With nearly 300 sunny days per year being the norm in Ontario, you’ll certainly need sunglasses in Oakville. Whether you choose prescription sunglasses or top-quality non-prescription lenses that you can wear over contact lenses, we can fit you with quality glasses that will protect your eyes from damaging UV rays and reduce glare.

See Clearly With Prescription Glasses

In Oakville, Ontario, Sanger Contact Lens Centre has offered quality eyewear for half a century. Our level of concern and care for our customers remains constant as we offer the latest in lens materials and treatments. Our staff will make sure that you get the right product for your lifestyle and working conditions, regardless of whether your prescription is for single vision or bifocal correction.

  • Just need the basics?  CR-39 lenses are our value-priced plastic lenses.
  • Want a thinner lens? Our mid-index and high-index lenses are thinner than others, even if your prescription would normally result in thicker glasses
  • Want durability and impact resistance without weight? Our polycarbonate lenses are made of tough industrial plastic that is constantly improving to make its visual accuracy comparable to glass.
  • Love the dependability of glass? Though heavy in comparison to plastic, glass has long been the standard for offering the best vision correction.
  • Have special prescription needs? We offer spherical lenses with one curve over the entire lens surface or aspheric lenses that offer multiple curves for better vision from the center to the edge of the lenses.
  • Want specific lens treatments? Our lenses are available with scratch coating, UV protection, and anti-reflective coating to protect both your glasses and your eyes.
  • Need sun protection? Whether you want photochromatic glasses that change with the light or you need sunglasses in Oakville, we have you covered.

Choose The Sanger Contact Lens Centre

When you are looking for prescription glasses in Oakville, Ontario, Sanger Contact Lens Centre is the place to come for any prescription. Just give us a call today at (905) 845-4446 or make an appointment for an eye exam right on our website form.