Choose Opticians in Oakville For Quality Sunglasses

Do you wear contact lenses so you don’t have to wear glasses? They often provide better vision as you keep your appearance glasses-free. The one thing that contact lenses do not do is adequately protect your eyes against the sun. To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, you need quality sunglasses from the experienced opticians in Oakville at Sanger Content Lens Centre.

Among different brands of contact lenses, there are some that filter more UV rays than others, but all leave part of your eye exposed to the sun. What you want to protect your eyes are sunglasses that filter out 99% or more of UV light. Failure to adequately protect your eyes can lead to skin cancer near the eye, macular degeneration, and even cataract formation.

Why Opticians In Oakville Offer Better Quality Sunglasses

You may think that since you have invested in contact lenses, you can pick some sunglasses at your local drugstore and obtain the protection you need. While you do not need prescription sunglasses if you have contacts that you wear outside, you should still buy quality sunglasses. Why?

• Some cheap sunglasses have the appearance of more costly designer frames, but the optics in the lenses may distort your vision and lead to headaches.

• Cheap sunglasses may not protect you from the maximum amount of UV rays. Just because sunglasses have dark lenses does not mean that they protect your eyes correctly.

• They may not protect you from glare, which can create distracting bright spots that hide objects.

• The coatings on cheap glasses are often thinner than on good quality glasses.

The problem is that unless your glasses are checked by your optician in Oakville, you won’t know whether the lenses offer you the protection you need.

Options For Contact Lens Wearers

If you are a contact lens wearer, you have two choices for dealing with protecting your eyes outside.

• First, you can obtain a pair of good quality sunglasses with durable frames and properly treated lenses that you can wear over your contacts – a great choice for everyday wear.

• Second, if you spend days on the beach, swim, or engage in certain other sports where your eyes might be exposed to dust or water, prescription sunglasses that you wear outside instead of your contacts are good option.

Whether you decide on prescription sunglasses or good quality non-prescription sunglasses, Sanger Contact lens Centre, trusted opticians in Oakville, are the place to go for quality eyewear. Just call us at (905) 845-4446 or, if you need an eye exam, schedule an appointment online.

Finding Dependable Gas Permeable Contact Lenses in Oakville

If you are a new contact lens wearer, you might wonder whether hard or soft lenses are the better choice for you. Soft lenses are the most popular type of contact lenses in Oakville and around the world because they are comfortable and convenient, while staying in place, even during sports or other activities. If you have a tricky prescription or are prone to eye infections, you might find gas permeable (GP) or “hard” contacts a better value.

Why Choose GP Contact Lenses In Oakville?

Both types of contacts can easily correct eye conditions such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), blurred vision (astigmatism), or age-related problems (presbyopia), but hard contacts offer special advantages for astigmatism and other conditions.

  •  Astigmatism is a condition in which multiple points of light enter the eye to cause blurring. Rigid GP lenses mold the tear film on the front of the eye into a spherical shape that corrects the condition. In contrast, soft lenses cannot correct astigmatism unless they have a special curvature manufactured into the front of the lens. If the “toric” lens rotates when you blink you can have blurry vision for a moment, while the lens adjusts.


  •  In cases of high astigmatism, a special lenses known as “bitoric” offers multiple back surface curves in each meridian of the contact for better vision and a better fit. Recent studies published in Optometry (The Journal of the American Optometric Association) confirmed that 75% of study participants said their astigmatic vision was better with GP lenses. Though only 10% wore GP lenses before the study, 60% changed to them after the study.


  • GP contacts are also better if you need bifocals to manage your near and far vision, or if you are a heavy computer user, or if you need the larger diameter scleral lenses if you have irregular corneas or hard-to-fit eyes. Aside from providing better vision, many wearers of contact lenses in Oakville reports that hard GP lenses cause fewer eye problems and fewer infections.


  • In addition to offering clearer vision for many people, hard, or gas permeable, lenses can last for two or three years if your prescription remains the same. Modern GP lenses work well for sports as they offer better eye protection and crisper vision.

Choose Oakville’s Top Provider For Contact Lenses

Sanger Contact Lens Centre offers a full range of gas permeable contacts, made right on site. When you are considering contact lenses in Oakville, call us today at 905-845-4446 or contact us via our website form to set up an appointment.

Sourcing An Optician In Oakville?
Four Things To Look For To Ensure A Successful Visit

Are you currently sourcing an optician in Oakville or elsewhere in the GTA? If so, you already know firsthand that pinpointing the best facility for your vision needs can feel overwhelming. With so many offices claiming to offer "expert" services, finding the right optician in Oakville can prove challenging at best.

It Is Possible To Find A Highly-Qualified Optician In Oakville

Fortunately, finding a professional and qualified optician in Oakville is possible! Following a few simple tips on sourcing the right facility for your needs can help ensure that you get the quality vision care that you need and deserve.

When sourcing an optician in Oakville, consider:

Credentials: First and foremost, determining the credentials of a prospective optician in Oakville can play a critical role in the success of your overall experience. When contacting an office, be sure to ask about training, certification and experience.

Established practice: Another key component in successfully sourcing eye care in your region is looking for an established practice. An office that touts a decades-long history will have the experience you’ll need to help manage any vision issues and conditions you may find yourself struggling with.

Comprehensive products and services: Yes, every optician in Oakville will have his/her own specialties; however, you don’t want to have to find an individual provider for each distinctive vision need you may have. Look for a firm that offers a wide range of services such as eye exams and contact lens evaluations to ensure you can satisfy all your vision needs in one place. Additionally, check to make sure that your chosen facility also offers a diverse assortment of products as well. Various contact lenses, designer glasses and even various accessories can all play a key role in how positive your experience is with your selected provider.

Referrals: Still not sure which office to partner with for your vision needs? Ask for referrals. Both your personal network and/or your family physician will be able to give you insight on which practices offer superior services and products.

If you are sourcing a qualified and experienced optician in Oakville, Sanger Contact Lens Centre should be your first call. Contact us today at (905) 845-4446 to learn more about our distinctive approach to vision care.

Scheduling An Eye Examination In Oakville, Ontario?
What You Can Expect From The Visit

Has it been a while since your last eye examination in Oakville, Ontario? Oftentimes, as adults with busy schedules, we can easily forget the importance of quality eye care. For many of us living in the GTA, the only eye examination in Oakville, Ontario, is the one that we receive when it’s time to renew our driver’s licenses. This simply isn’t enough for long-term eye health and the detection of disease; as adults, proactively (and consistently) sourcing a professional facility for an eye examination in Oakville, Ontario, can play a crucial role in long-term vision care and health.

Preparing For Your Eye Examination In Oakville, Ontario

The best way to prepare your eye examination in Oakville, Ontario, is to know what to expect before you visit your optometrist. As a general rule, a qualified and professional vision care facility will not only test your visual acuity, but will also screen for various eye conditions. Glaucoma, cataracts, age-related macular dystrophy, and overall retina health are a few of the conditions your optometrist will test for when determining your comprehensive visual wellness.

Basic Components Of Your Eye Examination In Oakville, Ontario

Most eye exams will range generally run from 30-60 minutes. When booking your appointment, it’s important to give the office a general summary of your current vision health as well as any existing problems you may be having. This will help your optometrist customize your visit based on your specific needs.

Before your eye exam begins, a staff member in the office will ask you to provide your medical and vision history; preparing yourself by reviewing any medical conditions that run in your family can help make this part of the process as straightforward as possible.

During your eye examination, you will likely be screened for a variety of tests. While some testing is contingent upon your specific vision conditions, there are several general tests that most offices will offer, including:

  • Eye muscle movement and strength
  • Visual acuity
  • Individual eye strength/acuity
  • Response of pupils to light
  • Glaucoma

Beyond knowing the specifics of your eye exam, it’s also important to prepare beforehand with any relevant vision questions you may have for your optometrist. Having a brief, written list of questions can help make sure that nothing critical gets missed during your appointment for a seamless and positive overall experience.

Is it time for your next professional eye exam? Sanger Contact Lens Centre can help. Contact us today at (905) 845-4446 to speak with a member of our professional staff.