Why You Should Consider Bifocal Contact Lenses In Oakville

Do you live an active lifestyle and feel like your glasses are holding you back? Do you need glasses for reading/seeing things near to you, but can’t seem to remember to bring them with you when you leave the house? You may be an ideal candidate for multifocal or bifocal contact lenses. Oakville residents who want to transition (part-time or even full-time) from their glasses have looked to Sanger Contact Lens Centre to help them determine if these types of lenses make sense for them. When consulting with these patients, we help them understand exactly what our multi- and bifocal lenses in Oakville offer so they can decide if this vision option makes sense for their needs.

Multifocal And Bifocal Contact Lenses In Oakville: All The Important Basics

Presbyopia is the main condition for which we prescribe these types of lenses to our patients. It’s a common vision disorder that occurs in many of us as we get older. As we age, our eyes can weaken and make it difficult to maintain focus on objects near to us. Suddenly, every day tasks, such as reading, can become challenging or even impossible.

Previously, patients with presbyopia had glasses as their only option. However, this is no longer the case. Today, patients searching for multi- and/or bifocal contact lenses in Oakville have a wide range of options. When working with the team at Sanger Contact Lens Centre in Oakville,  we can help you find multifocal and bifocal contact lenses in various forms, such as:

Gas permeable: These lenses have been known to give superior results; while many patients initially feel reluctant to use this type of lens, Sanger Contact Lens Centre has earned a reputation for creating easy to wear, comfortable gas permeable lenses.

Soft: For many people, soft lenses prove slightly easier to adjust to and make an ideal choice for patients requiring part-time vision correction.

Hybrid: This particular option combines both soft and gas permeable features to deliver great vision results that prove easier to wear.

What’s the best way to see if you’re a candidate for any of our multifocal or bifocal contact lenses in Oakville? Contact Sanger Contact Lens Centre today at 905-844-4446 to discuss your needs with one of our specialists. Current customers can also order online.