About the Sanger Contact Lens Center

Sanger Contact Lens Centre is a pioneer in the contact lens field, having fit many thousands of individuals in Canada since 1959, over a quarter of whom need contact lenses as an aid to a complex optical concern, and we specialize in this area of fitting.   
We have taught, written articles for ophthalmic journals, lectured, set examinations and courses, and have been instrumental in continuous education in the contact lens field Canada wide.
Added to this, we manufacture all our own gas-permeable contact lenses, thus offering the ultimate in professionalism, expertise, service and quality.

Our Laboratory

The Sanger Contact Lens Center Laboratory started in 1960.  Back then, we manufactured hard PMMA lenses.  Now we manufacture a variety of state-of-the-art gas-permeable fluorosilicone acrylate lenses. 

We specialize in torics, bifocals (aspheric multifocal, concentric and translating types), lenticular cuts for high prescriptions and cataracts, specialty lenses for keratoconus, ortho-k, GPC, dry eyes, sensitive eyes, post- operative and post laser surgery (LASIK) corrections, UV block and prosthetic lenses for a variety of ocular and lid concerns. 

Our Founder

The Sanger Contact Lens Center was founded in Canada in 1959 by the late Fred Sanger.  He was a recognized authority in his field, specializing solely in the fitting of contact lenses, particularly in their use as prosthetic and pathological eye aids, conditions in which glasses are of little or no benefit.

He was on the staff of the Toronto Western Hospital as a Contact Lens Consultant and for many years aided in corneal implant research at the Banting Institute.  Fred Sanger lectured on advanced contact lens fitting throughout North America, was the founder and President of the Ontario Contact Lens Association, Secretary of the Contact Lens Examining Committee, and author of the Contact Lens Certification Curriculum for Ontario.  He was influential in Canada’s first acrylic implant, designing and manufacturing the lenses that successfully corrected the vision of a man who had been blind for 22 years.   Fred Sanger died in 1976.